i loved you yesterday, i love you today, i'll love you tomorrow. forever.
odell has been out of touch with jorja for the bulk of the day. he was doing back to back sessions of lining and shading for his new tattoo, which is a portrait of jorja -- of one of his favorite pictures of her, ever. it's alaways been in his house (in jersey, la, nyc, cle, literally any house that he's owned) and it's been his phone background several times. one of his legs is (mostly) blank; the tattoo is located on his thigh, right on the front. when he comes in tonight, he'll have on sweats and it'll be wrapped in saran wrap. he won't call attention to it. he's going to let her find it on her own. it's like his other portraits, but this one is special because it has her signature at the bottom. it's medium sized and doesn't detract from the beauty of the tattoo.