ask and ye shall receive
you showed me these and i placed the order while you were sitting across from meon the couch. two of the saucers and cups you like, one of the whole set. my proper english lady can have her artsy tea any time of day she wants.

i know it doesn't mean much, but i hope that i can make it up for you with the babyshower. i hope you have all th efun in the world with your girls. i hope this new chapter in your life brings you nothing but challenges you overcome and happiness in the family we build.

never forget the mess you make me
the first time i saw you, bare face and sweaty at that festival, i knew. i knew right then in my bones. you were who i wanted to make mine. from that moment, in my own head, you were mine already.

you started to sing; you have the voice of an angel, the kind of angel who choses when and how to use their voice. the kind of beauty you carry is obvious from first sight, but you radiated. jora you still radiate, the part that makes makes it even brighter is that you're oblivious to it. you have always radiated. you are gravity and i am helpless against it.

she was the perfect combination of demure seductive and valiant - she was the epitome of his desctruction

the twin flame union is the strongest deepest and purest form of love that can be experienced by two entities within this universe - it transcends all other types of bonds and relationships - the success of a twin flame union requires that both entities are spiritually prepared and that they are capable of releasing their egos in order to act only out of unconditional love

you changed my life with a single sentence, that's the power you have over me. my direction as a man completely realigned in an instant after a single sentence.

we had a discussion about priorities. we talked about the order of relationships in our lives, speculated on the future. pondered the future, really, since it's overwhelming to think about.

overwhelming the way a wave in the ocean is. the anticipation of it as it approaches, the current rippling through your body the closer it gets, that moment it eclipses you and you can choose to fight it or submit to it.

i will submit to you every single time, you can wash me up onto the shores of fatherhood and manhood. you will always be safe with me. i swear to protect you by any mean necessary. when you need me, i will be there.

the second i heard their heartbeats and saw you hear them, i knew that this is what i wanted. i knew you and those one, inevitably two, heartbeats would be the epicenter of my whole universe. my priority will always be you - your well being, your sanity, your wants, your needs - and i'm not going to apologize for it.

our daughter and son will see a man love a woman more than he loves himself, money, cars, fame, even them. it'll do them good.
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jorja alice smith beckham,

today is about you and celebrating everything that you are as a person, as a woman, as a partner, as a mother, as an artist, as a gleaming example of what the word genuine really means. let me give you the world.

go put on something comfortable and meet me downstairs for breakfast, even if you find this at 3PM. i'll be waiting for you with strawberry crepes. let daddy do his job. let me make remind you how sexy you are.
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